Weft Sensor for Rapier Loom Slide

Weft Sensor is used for weft detection on Rapier Looms. During the weft insertion the yarn is drawn from the thread guide of the sensor. This yarn movement is converted into electrical signal by piezo element inside the sensor. This electrical signal is amplified and evaluated along with flag position to detect broken weft and stop the machine. The weft sensor is available in 8 selector model with "ANTI II" feature to prevent insertion of more than one yarn.

Type Of Work
Supply Voltage(Vs) : 12VDC+/-15%
Output Current(Io) : 80 mA.
Yarn Running : Q-ON
Yarn Stationary : O-OFF

Weft Stop Motion Sensor For Rapier Weaving.. Can Be Customised To Suit Different Application Requirements.

Specifications subject to change without notice