Yarn Break Detectors (YM02)

YM range is used in high speed textile machines for monitoring all standard yarns. If the yarn is missing or stationary, the system switches the operating voltage to the connected load preferably comprising of yarn cutter. Yarn Break Detectors are housed in die cast enclosures and available with NPN (negative) or PNP (positive) open collector outputs.

Type Of Work
Supply Voltage(Vs) : 24VDC+15%
Output Current(Io) : 1.2 Amp max (pulse) sink 0.35 Amps max (continous)output short ckt. protected
Cutter activate delay(Td) : 0.5 seconds
Rearming time (Tr) : 6 second
Sensor current (Is) : 20 mA (typ)
Minimum yarn speed : 200 mts/min
Ends Down Signal : For interface to Doff Timer/Efficiency Monitering systems

Direct replacement for yarn detectors on Barmag Texturising machines. FK-6 900 / FK-6 1000 etc.

Specifications subject to change without notice